Friday, May 29, 2009

Wine Tattoo


I came across this photo of this guy who apparently loves Petrus enough to have it tattooed on his arm. Now this is dedication. During my twenties, the Britney Spears lower back tattoo was all the rage and as my friends were getting pierced and inked all over, I opted out. I can certainly appreciate the merit of a good tattoo and in some cases it can make a person seem more mysterious and vixenish but I just couldn't come up with a cool enough design that I was sure to love for the rest of my life - even something related to wine.

Believe it or not but my grandmother had tattoos. It was a very common thing for Indian women of her age to get inked, especially with their husband's name. I'm not sure where the idea came from but I'm guessing since my grandparents were born and raised in the Fiji Islands, they adopted the tradition from the local natives. She had a heart tattoo with Lal Singh (my grandfather's name) written in the middle. It was done prison style in a dark bluish-black ink and as she grew older and more wrinkly, so did the heart, actually it kind of melted. When my brother turned 18, he decided to get "SINGH" tattooed on his upper left arm in Old English script. When I first saw it, I joked it was a smart reminder in case he forgot his last name.

Perhaps one day, I'll take the plunge and get a tattoo and if I do, I'll follow Mr. Petrus' lead and go full throttle wine geek. Here are some possibilities:

For a lower back tattoo (AKA tramp stamp) option, I could go with the Guyot Trellising Sytem

Instead of a girly butterfly on my shoulder or ankle, perhaps something more intimidating like the Phylloxera louse

Dr. Anne Noble's Aroma Wheel on my back, or better yet on my torso in case I felt a need to consult it

If I had to pick a wine person it would be my idol, the amazing Jancis Robinson

And for a wine label it would have to be Clos Ste Hune Riesling from Alsace, but the '76 vintage


  1. I love this post! Great visuals. Realize they were mostly tongue in cheek but the grapevine is pretty cool for a backpiece.
    I am working on a design right now with my tattoo artist, something delicate with grapes, vines and a single ladybug on one of the leaves. Upper back area....shouldn't sag for decades yet:)

  2. The grapevine would be the best, most un-trampy tramp stamp I've ever seen. Heck, even as you age, I imagine that it would still look like a grape vine...

  3. It requires to be very addictive to wine to make such an enormous tattoo of a label in the arm, but anyway as well as it's not something which is not very lewd Buy Viagra Cheap Viagra.

  4. someday I will put a wine tattoo in my chest, as my favorite drink it deserves it!